Nickname: Fenrhyr, shorten in Fen'

Prénom: Oliver, shorten in Ol'

Birth: 1982 June 5th

Profession: Game Designer at F4

ICQ number: 73724110


Detailed resume


Favourite novelists

Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse, Philip K. Dick, Chuck Palahniuk, Terry Pratchett, Frank Herbert...

Favourite drawers

Franquin, Guarnido, Mitric, Louis, Campbell, Madueira, Woods...

Favourite manga

Tsutomo Nihei's Blame!, Abara, Noise and Snikt, Galaxy Express, Dragon Ball, Naruto, City Hunter, Akira, Priest...

Favourite comic-books

Sin City, Danger Girl, Battle Chasers, Divine Right, Superman: Birthright, Superman: Secret Identity, Invincible, The Crow...

Favourite movies

The killer, Hard Boiled, The crow (the first one with Brandon Lee, not those dungs that followed it!), Fight Club, Major League 1 et 2 (well, what can I say...), Die Hard saga, Léon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Winbledon...

Favourite anime

Cowboy Bebop, every Captain Harlock/Galaxy Express series, Trigun, Fuli Culi, Macross...

Favourite series

X-files (till season 5 + a episode of the 6), Scrubs, Battlestar Galactica, 24, The pretender, Quantum Leap...

Favourite video games

Max Payne saga, Monkey Island saga, Civilization saga, Castlevania saga, Baldur's Gate saga (yes indeed, I quite like sagas), Bomberman (only on Sega Saturn because it's just the best), Parodius, les Tactical-RPG (Shining Force...), Bioshock, Guitar Hero (roooooock !) and so many else !

Favourite universes

Science-fiction (space opera, planet opera, post-apo, h2g2-like...), pirates (over seas or in deep space), urban fantasy (don't even talk to me about elves and dwarves, I usually can't stand them), and of course Neil Gaiman's and Tim Burton's.


And I

From the questionnaire fancied by Bernard Pivot

The word that I like?


The word that I hate?

Single. Guess why...

The drug that I like?

OK OK, alright, I confess : that's peach juice!

The sound or noise that I like?


The sound or noise that I hate?

Horns ! I hate horns. And the kids screaming in trains. (I work in Paris and I need to take the train to go there, some days are just... beautiful...)

The oath that I use?

Level 1: damned. Level 2: bitch. Level 3: pute vierge!

The man or the woman to put on a new bill?

A Care Bear, to remind people that money doesn't always bring happiness.

The profession I could not have done?

Computer engineer (private joke inside).

The tree, vegetable or animal I would like to be reincarnated in?

A panda bear. Panda bears are cool. Tigers too are cool.

Er... choosing animals on way to extinction doesn't seem to be the smartest idea. Let's say I re-sign for a humanlife instead, but not before we have spaceships!

If God exists, what would I like to hear from him after my death?

- So? You were been told that I exist and now you just have to admit!

- Well, I guess I'm sorry. But You know, with the huge mess downstairs, You can't blame me for having some doubts... Nevermind, where is Douglas Adams please, I have a question about the Life, the Universe and Everything for him ?

- The answer is 42.

- And You do know the question to this answer, don't You?

- Er... he's right overthere, having a chatering with the white rhinoceros.


Game collection

I don't work in a video game compagny by coincidence. I eat, drink, sleep, live video game since I'm six. I wanted to do this a long time ago, and the website seems to be the right occasion. So here is my game collection. Even if I own or I've played more games than listed, I've decided to write down only my games that still have the box AND the manual (yeah, that's sad for my GameBoy or the Atari 2600 but that doesn't mean I'm not proud to own both of them).


Max Payne

Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne


Baldur's Gate Saga

The Witcher

Sid Meier's Pirates

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (GOTY)


Far Cry

No one lives forever



Theme park World

Civilization IV

Vampire The Mascarade: Bloodlines


Half-life: Opposing force

The Sims

XIII: The mystery

Lafuma No Limit

The curse of Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island

Full Throttle


Super Nintendo (PAL)

Castlevania: Vampire Kiss

The Legend of Zelda: A link to th past


Pop 'n' Twinbee


Super Mario Kart

Actraiser II

The Lost Viking II

Super NES (UK)

Final Fantasy III

Super Famicom (JAP)

R-Type III

Gradius III

Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius

Contra III: The Alien Wars

Mega CD

Dune II

Night Trap


Mega Drive

Castlevania: The new generation

Comix Zone


Shining Force II

Street Fighter II Turbo


Shining Force III: Episode I

Dragon Force

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Saturn Bomberman


Theme Park

Command & Conquer

Tomber Raider

Mystaria: The realm of Lore


Discworld II

Blazing Dragons

Die Hard Trilogy

Daytona USA



Castlevania: Symphony of the night

Castlevania Chronicles

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Breath of Fire III

Guilty Gear

Gran Turismo

Civilization II

Tomb Raider II


Playstation 2

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Final Fantasy XII

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Metal Slug 4

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's

Guitar Hero III: Legends of rock

Kingdom Hearts II

Devil May Cry 3

Game Boy Advance

Shining Force: Resurrection of Drak Dragon

The legend of Zelda: The minish cap

Golden Sun

Nintendo DS

Castlevania: Portrait of ruin

Cooking Mama

The legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass