This is my last comic-book project on my own (story, draw, ink). A story about love and revenge without any dialog or onomatopoeia (I love this plot!). I confess this was just some kind of an excuse to do a gunfight. At the beginning, there was only the third board. Then I added one, and another. Two more after. Two before them. Then a flashback at the end (the 8th and the missing 9th boards). This project was made in every chaotic way I could have done! Even if it was for fun, I realize how organised I needed to be if I wanted to succeed in writing comics (or novel, of course): I only had an approximative idea of the next board and nothing more, which is very bad. As a result, the whole project looks like a wobbly table. Finally, a lot of ideas I wanted to develop in this comic-book have ended in my currently-written novel, "Réveils" (check my writing section to know more). Retrospectively, this was a good thing I stopped this project, but you can still enjoy it.



The pin-up gallery

Some drawings with the characters I describe in my short stories or in my novel "Réveils".

Some fan-arts and random pictures that don't fit in other categories.



Portrait is the kind of challenge I like to take. I tell myself if, one day, I have to live on the streets on my own, I should need a mean to earn some money : making portrait at Montmartre (i.e. the artist district in Paris). Portraits are usually fun to do, not always true to my models but fun to do anyway.