I am currently writing a novel called "Réveils", which can be translated to "Wakenings". It is a kind of planet-opera with a touch of thriller inside. It relates the life of a hard-boiled cop that will understand what the words hell, redemption and revenge mean. For now, there is nothing more to tell, since only the first half-part is written.

I can't write as fast as I wish with my job and my 3 to 4 free-time hours are not always dedicated to "Réveils" (you know video games, reading, social life...)

Short stories

Between two chapters of the novel, I sometimes take the time to write a short story. If I have inspiration. And if I succeed to put in on paper. Most of the things I write go right through the "_trash" folder. I should put them in the real trash and empty it, but I like to read them again once in a while, to prove myself I got better since. Or to have a good laugh (some are really pathetic !). I keep them for an hypothetic theraty or for a post-mortem book.

From time to time, I write sometimes that doesn't end in "_trash" and I try to send to any publisher or contest. After all, we never know...

For now, one of my short stories is on its way to publication: "Atomic Girl and I". A super-hero story that will be published by Parchemins&Traverses in an anthology about super-heroes. The publication has been delayed for more than a year, but 2008 seems to be the good one... To be continued...



Once again, too many projects and not enough time! And no artist. I could draw myself, but it happens days only last for 24 hours, and week only 7 days...

With Lizpi

Few years agos, with a friend of mine, Lizpi, we made boards for contests. In 2002 (or 2003?), we tried to reach the contest for the Angoulème comic festival. Lizpi got a reginal and a national price for it. We've also been nominated for the prize in "Best draw", "Best story" and "Best boards" ; but we didn't win anything. Nevermind, being nominated was quite already a victory!

Here after, other boards made with Lizpi for contests. We did win with them, but I don't remember what and what they were for...

As you can see, I like happy scenarii with happy ends...

You can also check the comic I try do do on my own in the gallery.


Here is a board made for the 200th issue of Joystick magazine, with F4. It occurs in the universe of my game, Exalight. I did the story and the story-board, artists did the needed screenshoots and put them in the board. This is my first published work !

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