Welcome to my asylum!

Here is the new self-made-with-notepad website I made to present my works. The English part is quite the same as the French one; there won't be any news - I don't have the time to share what happens in my life both in French and in English. What's more, it's not always interesting. The mp3 of "Culture en placard", the radio show I ran from 2005 to 2006, are also reserved to the French part. Everything else is on both websites: my drawings and my writing news. You can check them in the Gallery and Writing areas (which have been improved lately).

To know more about myself, feel free to check my profile... er... maybe I should have begun with this... Nevermind, it's not as if an asylum should have any common sense in its presentation! There you can also find my game collection.

There is also a forum to talk about everything (movie, novel, comics, music...). For now, most of the people are French but don't be afraid if you post in English everyone will read you and answer in the same language.

Feel free to write some words in my guestbook, they are always welcome! If you prefer, you can also send me an e-mail for any remarks, questions, suggestions... I'd be delighted to read and answer you.

I hope you'll enjoy the time spent in my humble asylum.